Acer iSight Santa Barbara Putter Head
Acer iSight Santa Barbara Putter Head Acer iSight Santa Barbara Putter Head face

Acer iSight Santa Barbara Putter Head

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This Santa Barbara putter head from Acer's i-Sight series is a premium stainless steel putter head that combines a great classic design with more modern putter technology. We really love the new alignment feature; in our opinion this is an improvement over the so-called riflescope feature of a well-known brand.

In the center of the head's cavity, the side walls of a raised "alignment bar" are painted red. When putting, if the golfer only sees one red side wall, that means his eyes are too far inside or possibly too far over the correct line of sight. On the other hand, if he sees both of the red sides while the putter is resting on the ground, then he knows that his eyes are correctly over the line of sight and he has a better chance to drain the putt.

This Acer i-Sight putter head features a cool silver "glass-bead" finish and the face is CNC milled with "micro-grooves" giving the sweet machined-look of a high end putter head. Loft is 3 degrees and lie is 71 degrees. Head weight is 350 grams and our standard putter shaft works perfectly.

Club Putter
Lie 71°
Weight (grams) 350
Hosel ID .370